Callum McCulloch

Callum has worked as a Faculty member for the science department at James Cook University of North Queensland and as a Biology Lecturer at the Rajaphat University of Phuket, and led numerous research studies in marine and terrestrial habitats.

He has managed research teams in biodiversity conservation in Cambodia and advised tertiary education managers on curriculum improvements and the focusing of current human and teaching resources to maximize educational outcomes.

In 2005, as project manager for the UCBP, Callum presided over the continued expansion of the Centre for Biodiversity Conservation, and his key roles in this position was to manage a small team to deliver a MSc course in Biodiversity Conservation, establish and manage a new research museum and herbarium and supervise students and small research teams conducting biological research across the country.

Callum holds a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and Marine Biology from James Cook University of North Queensland.