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Since its humble beginnings in 2006, SMCS RISK has always aimed for the highest standards in integrity and professionalism which has allowed us to transform into a leading risk management and business intelligence consultancy, representing some of the most influential organisations in the world.

Our unrivalled experience and specialist qualifications in risk management, business intelligence, investigations, research and cyber security has meant that we have developed an in-depth knowledge of various risks that individuals face in Asia today.

Our ‘client first’ principles, incorporating confidentiality, integrity and honesty ensures that our reputation as a market leader is never questioned.


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Client First
Integrity and Ethics
Confidentiality and Trust
Commitment to Excellence


An Equal Opportunity Employer

SMCS RISK is committed to building a diverse workforce through fair and equitable employment practices. SMCS RISK encourages people of any race, color, age, sex, marital status, or political ideology, to apply for employment.

Ethical & Integral Approach

SMCS Risk’s market leading reputation exists simply because our ethics and integrity are uncompromising. Clients come to SMCS Risk with often highly sensitive information because they know they can trust us to remain confidential at all times. Even when a clients problems my be potentially controversial or ethically complex, SMCS Risk remains committed to the highest standards of ethics and our adherence to our strict Code of Ethics and Anti Bribery & Corruption policies means that we are constantly accountable.


SMCS RISK is a privately owned and operated company. We are non-political, non-religious and have corporate independence allowing us to provide professional solutions that are unbiased and in-line with our ‘client first’ principles. We believe that corporate independence is vital to our continued professionalism and gives us the platform to be able to offer solutions that is unbiased, objective and with our clients’ best interests at hand.