Basic First Aid Training For Cambodia Living Arts

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The team at Cambodian Living Arts has enhanced their ability to respond to a medical emergency.

16 staff at the organisation participated in SMCS Risk’s Basic First Aid Training Course. Learning how to apply a splint to a broken limb, how to assist someone who is choking, or administering CPR to an unconscious person, is something that everyone should learn.

The SMCS Risk Basic First Aid course is a 2-year certification that is delivered by SMCS Risk’s qualified trainers who have years of experience working as Doctors and Nurses.

The course allows participants to understand the concept of first aid and confidently respond to a medical emergency should it occur.

“You hope you never have to respond to a medical emergency but if it happens, knowing basic first aid, could save the life of one of your friends, work colleagues or family members. You really should do the training, particularly if you have children.” said Shuly Morrish, CEO of SMCS Risk.

For more information about our first aid training courses, contact SMCS Risk.