The emerging markets in Asia have huge potential for investment. However, in many cases, adverse risk, weak rule of law and the potential for your brand & intellectual property to be stolen, copied and used by criminals & competitors is extremely high. Minimising risk is an essential component of any organisation and protecting your brand & intellectual property is not just about preserving your potential revenue. The damage to your brand’s reputation and image caused by not placing risk minimisation as a priority can be catastrophic to your business and potentially expose you and your company to unnecessary risk. SMCS RISK provide’s proactive & preventive solutions and advice on how to minimise the risk to your company, brand and intellectual property as well as reactive solutions and advice on how to resolve an incident where your company, brand or intellectual property have been compromised.


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Market Research
Baseline Studies
Product Monitoring
Brand Compliance
Counterfeit Product Investigations
I/P Infringement Investigations