SMCS Risks’ 14 years of operation in Asia and detailed understanding of local business practices and industry risk brings unrivalled depth to our services. We help companies and individuals assess risks related to business & regulatory compliance. SMCS Risk’s comprehensive knowledge of current local anti-corruption regulations and other regulatory requirements allows us to assess company, country or industry specific compliance and regulatory risk factors. We identify potential gaps and help you improve internal controls to reduce the likelihood of compliance and regulatory breaches, as well as address regulatory and compliance risks relating to third parties, enabling you to minimise regulatory risk and enhance business decisions. Our advisors have decades of combined experience assisting clients with compliance & regulatory risk in every corner of the globe. Our experience crosses numerous industries, from healthcare and pharma to energy and telecommunications, manufacturing, infrastructure and government. SMCS Risk ensures our clients are more informed, more prepared and more competitive. Our assessments deliver not only results, but actionable intelligence and critical information about the environments in which our clients operate.


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Corruption Analysis
Policy Design
Regulatory Compliance