Since 2005, SMCS Risk has been heavily involved in the anti-human trafficking sector and building the capacity of judiciary and police in developing countries to investigate crime in South East Asia.

One of SMCS Risk’s key priorities is to address the need for improved coordination and standards on police training in developing countries, since many do not have the training necessary to conduct simple policing duties.

International policing standards are influenced by high-quality basic police training and specialized criminal investigation techniques. These standards can only be achieved through the delivery of standardised basic-level police training programs, standardised criminal investigation training programs and specialist crime scene, evidence collection and forensic procedure programs. These training programs must be delivered by instructors with professional experience and a record of high-level achievement.

SMCS Risk’s “Basic Criminal Investigation Training Course” is an intensive 2 week, 10 module training program that provides theoretical and practical based training by strengthening the capacity of front line police officers to effectively investigate serious crime

  • Law enforcement ethics
  • The investigator
  • Law (General criminal offences, human trafficking & child abuse related crimes)
  • Police powers
  • Investigation planning
  • Crime scenes
  • Victim and child interviews
  • Offender identification
  • Interviewing suspects
  • Protection orders