Increasing Motorbike Rider Safety

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This week, 18 staff from Conservation International Cambodia participated in SMCS Risk’s Motor Bike Skill Enhancement Training course.

With thousands of motorbike accidents on Cambodia’s roads every year, many of which result in a fatality, it’s very important that motorbike riders do everything they can to improve their safety whilst riding on the roads.

SMCS Risk’s Motorbike Skill Enhancement Training is a full day course with both theoretical learning and practical riding training that is designed to increase rider awareness and show riders why defensive riding will help them stay safe on the road.

“In most cases, motorbike accidents occur due to poor rider skill and a lack of road safety knowledge. Our training courses will improve rider awareness and save lives.” said Steve Morrish, CEO of SMCS Risk.

SMCS Risk congratulates all of the Conservation International Cambodia staff on wanting to improve road safety in Cambodia.