Mobile EWP Operator Course


SMCS Risk’s Mobile EWP (Elevated Work Platform) Operator Course (MEWP) will ensure your operators are using the correct machine for the job and are using it in a safe manner. Our fully accredited and qualified instructors conduct the 1.5 day course in Khmer or English. Aligned with Australian Standards, the MEWP Course gives operators the skills and knowledge to safely operate a Mobile EWP, as well as total comprehension of hazard identification and all other aspects related to the operation of a the EWP. Each Course is conducted at the participants workplace to give the student real world operational experience, and consists of theoretical, practical and assessment modules.


COURSE DURATION:        1.5 Days

ACCREDITATION:              3 Years



Hazard Identification & Control Measures
Pre Start Inspection of EWP and Associated Equipment
Harness Inspection
Post Start Inspections of Machine
Safe and Correct Use of Machine In Various Setup Locations
Post Shut Down Inspection of Machine and Associated Equipment