Like any great wall, your company’s foundations will only be solid if you have adequate policies & procedures that are clear, concise and easily adhered to by your staff. History has shown that on many occasions the only thing that has saved board members, directors and staff members from litigation and sometimes criminal prosecution, is the fact that they have strictly adhered to implemented policy and regulation. Our team can design, review and monitor your companies polices & regulations to ensure that you, your company and your team are given the best protection available.

We practice and work to promote a problem-driven, collaborative approach, where policymakers and advisors come together, employing their collective expertise to design, test and refine solutions. SMCS Risk follows a five step process when reviewing or designing Policy.

  1. Identify pressing policy problems.
  2. Diagnose underlying causes.
  3. Design feasible policy solutions.
  4. Test solutions through implementation and rigorous evaluation.
  5. Refine those solutions based on continuous monitoring and feedback.