The Asia Foundation Learns Initial Fire Response

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Staff at The Asia Foundation’s Cambodia office participated in SMCS Risk’s Basic Fire Training yesterday.

It is well documented that most fires in residential or commercial premises could of been stopped at the early stage if basic fire prevention equipment had been available.

But what is more important, is having people close by who know how to confidently use the fire prevention equipment.

SMCS Risk’s Basic Fire Training teaches people about the basics of fire, what fire response equipment should be used and how you should use the equipment should a fire start near you.

“Whilst we would prefer trained fire fighters responding to a fire, the reality in Cambodia is that by the time responders are called and arrive at the scene, a fire will most likely have taken a solid hold on the building.” said Steve Morrish, CEO of SMCS Risk.

“Reacting quickly with a fire blanket or fire extinguisher could be the difference, and not only prevent a fire from spreading but save lives.” said Morrish.

For more information about SMCS Risk’s Fire Training Courses, please contact our TEAM.