21 Chip Mong Insee Drivers Trained

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SMCS Risk completed the first two of 4 scheduled driver training courses this yesterday, providing driver skill enhancement training to 21 employees from the leading cement distributor company in Cambodia, Chip Mong Insee.

The SMCS Risk driver training course comprises 2 days of intensive training, with day 1 being theoretical and day 2 being practical driving experience.

Conducted at the Chip Mong Insee factory in Kampot and provided by SMCS Risk’s Driving Instructors who have international qualifications and years of operational experience, attendees learned a range of topics designed to enhance their driving knowledge and skills.

Chip Mong Insee recognises that its employees who are required to drive company vehicles during their work duties, must have a high standard of driving knowledge and training. Having employees with a high standard of driving knowledge not only reduces the risk of employees having a collision, but improves Chip Mong Insee’s brand and reputation when the community see employees driving safely & responsibly in Chip Mong Insee branded cars.

Traffic collisions in Cambodia are at a concerning level. Poor driving skills, unroadworthy vehicles, poor road conditions and a lack of strict enforcement of law, is a cocktail that has results in very dangerous conditions for road users.

“Anyone can get into a vehicle, turn on the key and drive. But it takes skill, knowledge and a good understanding of the dynamics of road use, to be a safe and responsible driver. Our training courses show attendees how to drive a vehicle correctly and safely.” said Steve Morrish, CEO of SMCS Risk.

SMCS Risk will provide driver training to two more groups at Chip Mong Insee next week, bringing the total to 40 drivers trained.

For more information about SMCS Risks DriveSafe4Life training courses, please contact us.