Fire Evacuation Training Saves Lives

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SMCS RISK provides Fire Warden and Evacuation Training to Sanofi.

Following on from receiving fire safety and warden training, staff at Sanofi Cambodia yesterday put their training into practice when they conducted a mock fire evacuation at their Phnom Penh Office.

With the Cambodia Government requesting the private sector to do more to improve fire safety measures, more companies are training their staff in how respond to a fire emergency.

“It is important that all buildings have fire detection and suppression systems installed.” said Dave Miller, Director of Training at SMCS RISK.

SMCS RISK’s Fire Warden & Evacuation training is designed to provide employees with the knowledge on how to respond calmly to a fire emergency, but most importantly, ensure that all employees in their workplace are evacuated safely.

“It is most import that buildings have evacuation procedures. This includes training of building designated wardens to facilitate the safe evacuation of all occupants of the building. The evacuation process should be practiced a minimum of every 12 months to ensure all occupants understand the evacuation process should a real emergency arise.” said Dave Miller.

For more information about SMCS RISK’s Fire Safe 4 Life training programs please see our website.