Are you concerned about your mobile phone calls being listened to? Are you worried about your text messages being monitored? SMCS Risk offers un-hackable mobile phone encryption using our partner, Goldlock’s comprehensive end-to end IT encryption solution.

Gold Lock Software 

*  Triple layered encryption, AES 256 bit symmetric encryption algorithm, Elliptic Curve 384 bits asymmetric encryption algorithm,  16,384 bit proprietary authentication algorithm * Session key automatically changes every few seconds. So no “backdoor” can exist * Visible hash code preventing ‘man in the middle’ attacks * By using data networks (4G, 3G, GPRS, Edge, WiFi etc.), the call by-passes the GSM network and no call record appears on any bill * Supports International calling and roaming * Device management portal to set user permissions and transfer licences between devices * Gold Lock provides secure Voice, Text, PTT & File Transfer * Gold Lock Secure Conference – enables you to creat & manage group conversation with some or all of your secure contacts through Text or PTT *