JTI Basic Fire Safety Training

SMCS RISK provided Basic Fire Training to 11 employees working at Japanese Tobacco International (JTI) Cambodia Office.

JTI makes and sells many of the world’s best-known tobacco brands: from the globally-recognised likes of Winston, Mevius, Camel and LD, to local brands with loyal followings all over the world.

Ensuring that their employees are prepared and knowledgable in how to respond to a fire, SMCS RISK FireSafe4Life Team instructed the JTI employees on how to safely respond to a fire, how to use a fire hose and fire extinguisher in the event of a fire and how to safely act if they are presented with an emergency situation.

Recognised as the leading Fire Safety and Training company in Cambodia, SMCs RISK’s Instructors are Internationally qualified and accredited, and have many years of experience working as fire fighters in the Australian fire fighting service.

“SMCS RISK’s lead Instructor, Dave Miller, is without doubt the most experienced fire fighting and safety trainer in Cambodia. His understanding of fire safety and ability to train people is amazing. It is why many of the biggest companies in Cambodia are now recognising SMCS RISK as the leading fire safety training company in Cambodia.”said Steve Morrish, Chief Executive Officer of SMCS GROUP.

Recent large fires in Cambodia have emphasised the need for companies to to ensure that they have adequate fire risk assessments and audits conducted on their buildings, have adequate fire fighting equipment installed in their buildings and their staff are trained in how to safely act in the event of a fire.

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