Pedestrians and Forklifts Don’t Mix

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Globally, forklifts cause more workplace deaths and injuries than any other piece of equipment in the workplace.

More than half of forklift-related injuries involve pedestrians. Even a slow moving forklift can crush, injure or kill a pedestrian.

It is an employers responsibility to eliminate and/or control the risks associated with forklift use in their workplace.

Not only should all forklift operators be properly trained in how to safely use a forklift, but employers must ensure that the workplace is made safe for pedestrians.

Here are some basic measures that employers can implement;

 – Create traffic management plans to seperate pedestrians and forklift operators.

– Create workplace pedestrian exclusion zones.

– Provide regular workplace safety training to all employees about the risk of forklifts.

– Create an incident reporting facility to allow all safety breaches, incidents and equipment failures to be reported and actioned by responsible employees.

And remember, constantly assessing risks associated with the use of forklifts and monitoring and consulting on safe operating procedures is the sure way of ensuring the safety of everyone in your workplace.

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