Pedestrians and Forklifts Don’t Mix

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Globally, forklifts cause more workplace deaths and injuries than any other piece of equipment in the workplace. More than half of forklift-related injuries involve pedestrians. Even a slow moving forklift can crush, injure or kill a pedestrian. It is an … Continued

Issues Of Black Market Supply – Consumer Safety Risks Posed By Illegal Medicines in Cambodia

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Black market supply of pharmaceutical drugs poses numerous threats to public safety in Cambodia. The threat is dependent on the type of illegal medicine. Counterfeit medicine is highly dangerous for patients. The key risk arises from substitution of active ingredients … Continued

The Rise of Fake Medical Devices

The counterfeiting market has spread into the pharmaceutical and medical industry, we now have an epidemic on our hands. Imagine your teenage son or daughter’s braces were toxic. Imagine an elderly relative’s replacement aortic valve was defective. These are very … Continued

Protecting the Public from Illegal Pharmaceutical Products

Patients face considerable risks from fake and illegal pharmaceutical products. The risks are even greater in low and lower-middle income countries, where the rates of illegal medicine are much higher and seem to be getting worse as criminals become increasingly … Continued