The Risk Of Taking Medicine or Drugs In Cambodia

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Tragically and most sadly, SMCS RISK recently read the news that two young females had lost their lives 2 days ago whilst travelling in Kampot Province, Cambodia Read News Here 

Initial media reports are suggesting that the two females had been feeling ill and had visited a pharmacy in the area to buy medicine. Unfortunately the two females have passed away during the night after taking the medicine.

SMCS Risk has been informed by our Ministry of Health and Police contacts that an investigation is now under way to determine if the medicine that the two females purchased from the pharmacy has caused the females death.  SMCS Risk does not want to allude to the cause of death until the investigation results are made formal, however we do wish to send out this advisory warning about the dangers of takings medicine or drugs in Cambodia.

Cambodia has for sometime struggled to regulate its pharmaceutical sector with criminals using Cambodia as a dumping ground for counterfeit and illegally diverted medicines, encouraged by weak enforcement by authorities to prosecute offenders. It is also well known that the pharmacy sector is plagued with problems, particularly with pharmacies selling all types of medicine to customers without formal knowledge and qualifications as well as selling medicine that is not from its official and original packaging. These problems provide a high risk of illegal medicines being sold to the public.

SMCS Risk advises that if members of the public are suffering from illness that they first see a qualified Doctor who will diagnose your health issue and advise on what the best medicine, if any, you should take. Secondly, you should purchase your advised medicine from a reputable pharmacy and inspect the medicine you are given to check that the packaging is not tampered with and the expiry dates are legitimate. If you suspect any issues then do not purchase the medicine and certainly do not administer it.

SMCS Risk also advises that the use of illicit drugs in Cambodia is illegal and can carry heavy penalties. But more importantly, there have been numerous incidents previously where foreigners travelling to Cambodia have used illicit drugs and died from overdoses, either caused by using drugs that have been cut with deadly substances or they have taken drugs that have been poisonous. Do not take illicit drugs whilst in Cambodia!

For information on Cambodia and its related risks or to report a pharmacy that you suspect is selling illegal medicine, please do not hesitate to contact SMCS RISK