SANOFI – Building Fire Safety Audit

SMCS RISK conducted a Fire Safety Audit on Sanofi Cambodia’s Phnom Penh office last week.

With an increase in fire’s in Cambodia in 2019, the Cambodia Fire Police have been raising concerns that many companies in Cambodia have not got adequate mechanisms in place to respond to a fire emergency at their factory or office.

In the event of a fire at your business, the first 15 minutes is crucial!

Without smoke detectors and alarms, early detection of a fire may not occur.

If fire is occurring, having fire extinguishers, fire blankets and other fire suppression equipment available, and having enough knowledge on how to use this equipment correctly, could be the difference between stopping a fire or having a fire engulf your place of business.

“I think businesses are becoming more concerned about the risk of fire in Cambodia. We have seen some very big fires in Phnom Penh this year that have could of been stopped early if people had quality fire fighting equipment available and had knowledge on how to respond. ” said Mitch May, CEO of SMCS RISK.

“We have definitely seen an increase in companies requesting fire audits of their offices and factories, which is very promising.” May said.

SMCS RISK will provide Fire Training and Fire Warden Training for Sanofi employees next week.