Sea Survival Training In Cambodia

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SMCS RISK conducted a Sea Survival Training course yesterday for 13 employees who are preparing to go and work on Krisenergy’s off-shore oil rig.

The oil rig, situated approximately 150km’s off the coast of Cambodia is due to start oil mining this month.

The 13 employees; 2 Doctors, 11 catering staff and 1 Krisenergy operations employee, who are heading off-shore in the coming days for the start of their 4 weeks of work on the oil rig, undertook the first day of the 2 day sea survival training course.

SMCS RISK’s Sea Survival training course is a 2-day course covering theoretical subjects like emergency equipment usage, sea survival techniques, escape options and the survival circle, and supported by a full day of practical learning in the swimming pool involving life-jacket use, rescue rafts and sea survival techniques.

“We are the only company in Cambodia providing sea survival training and other oil & gas workplace safety related courses. Oil & Gas is a relatively new industry in Cambodia and given that the Khmer employees have never worked off-shore before, the sea survival training and other safety courses relating to oil & gas work are absolutely crucial.” said Steve Morrish, CEO of SMCS GROUP.

To find out how you or your employees can undertake SMCS RISK’s Sea Survival Training course or any other training courses please contact SMCS RISK.