SMCS Launches Forklift Driver Training

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Adding to its growing portfolio of driver safety training courses, SMCS Risk this week launched Forklift Driver Accreditation Training in Cambodia.

Cambodia is developing at a rapid pace and so too is the demand by the Government and Private Business to improve workplace safety, implement accreditation & licensing for employees and ensure that Cambodia is keeping pace with international standards.

Currently there is no official requirement for a person to undergo training and obtain an accredited license to operate a forklift in Cambodia. Given how dangerous a forklift can be to operators and employees, it is imperative that all companies who have forklift operators, either employ forklift drivers who have accredited training and a forklift license or provide current forklift driver employees with the necessary training.

SMCS Risk’s Forklift Driver Accreditation Training will be delivered by experienced and qualified forklift driver trainers, and be delivered over an intensive 3 day period comprising of theoretical and practical training with a final assessment prior to receiving a year forklift driver license.

For more information about the new Forklift Driver Accreditation Training please contact SMCS Risk.