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As promised, SMCS Risk has this week added truck driver training to its vehicle driver training courses.

Provided under its DriveSafe4Life Division, SMCS Risk has launched a Heavy Rigid Truck Skill Enhancement Course and a Semi Trailer Truck Skill Enhancement Course.

SMCS is honoured to partner with several of Cambodia’s leading companies who recognise that providing driver enhancement training to their drivers will not only ensure that they are more professional and driving in a responsible & safe manner, but will improve the companies reputation, strengthen their brands and reduce the risk of their drivers from having collisions.

The Cambodian Government has raised serious concerns about the number of collisions on Cambodia’s roads and has been very active in trying to improve its road safety message through the media.

However, messaging alone is not enough. All drivers of heavy rigid and semi trailer trucks in Cambodia must undergo accredited training that is delivered by qualified instructors who have certification and have many years of experience in providing training.

Government must play a responsible role and ensure that stringent road safety legislation is enacted and Law Enforcement must ensure that the law is strictly enforced, prosecuting truck drivers caught without a license and penalising drivers who drive unsafely and break the road laws.

SMCS Risk’s Instructors are all internationally qualified and have many years of training experience in countries like Australia, where driver accreditation, correct licensing and road safety are treated as a Government priority.

“Its imperative that if you are looking to engage a company to provide training to your employees, that the instructors of these companies are certified and have extensive experience as instructors. The days of companies providing driver, fire safety and other specialist training using instructors who have no official training qualifications must stop.” said Steve Morrish, CEO of SMCS Risk.

For more information about SMCS Risk’s driver training courses please contact us.