SMCS Launches Motorbike Training Courses

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Adding to its already growing list of Driver Training Courses, SMCS RISK has launched Motorbike Training Courses in Cambodia.

Two courses have been launched; Motorbike Safety Awareness and Motorbike Skill Enhancement, both of which are designed to teach participants the core safety elements associated with riding a scooter, moto or motorcycle on the roads.

Starting tomorrow, SMCS RISK will be training 200 employees at Japanese Tobacco International (JTI) in Motorbike Safety Awareness.

“There is no requirement to undertake a motorbike licence test in Cambodia if you ride a bike under 125cc. That means there are millions of motorbike riders on Cambodian roads without any formal training. We are very happy that some companies in Cambodia like JTI are working towards improving rider safety.” said Mitch May, SMCS RISK’s CEO.

With the number of cars and motorbikes on Cambodia’s roads increasing every day and the number of road collisions increasing, it is imperative that all road users understand and drive in a safe manner.

For more information about SMCS RISK’s drive training courses or any other training courses please contact us.