SMCS RISK Changes Email Addresses

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On the 1st of July 2019, SMCS RISK commenced the transition from using email addresses to email addresses.

As part of its corporate strategy, SMCS GROUP, the parent company of SMCS RISK, has begun re-aligning all of their companies under one group email address.

“We have been looking at bringing everyone under one group for sometime now. We have different businesses in different countries and I think it personalises the connection for the group if they are all using the same company email address.” said Steve Morrish, SMCS GROUP Chief Executive Officer.

SMCS RISK emails will still be active while the transition happens. All emails to will be diverted to the applicable person or department however replies will come from an email address.

SMCS RISK employees will still display an SMCS RISK branded email signatory.

For further information or concerns please contact SMCS RISK.