Driver Training Solutions Launched In Cambodia

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Adding to its growing portfolio of business solutions, SMCS Risk today launched Driver Safety Solutions in Cambodia, offering 3 different driver training courses, all designed to enhance the skillset of drivers.

Driving a motor vehicle takes skill, education and experience and yet a vast majority of people employed to be drivers for schools, companies, Embassies and Government agencies, or employed to be personal drivers for families in Cambodia, have never undertaken a formal driver training course nor do they have the education and skill level to understand how to drive a motor vehicle in a safe manner.

SMCS Risk, using Internationally qualified trainers who have been trained to drive motor vehicles in emergency situations will initially provide 3 types of training courses in Cambodia.

  1. Driver Skill Enhancement Course
  2. Advanced Driver Course
  3. Advanced School Bus Driver Course

“I’m amazed at how many people in Cambodia have personal drivers for themselves or their family who have not even got a formal drivers license let alone have the skillset to drive a motor vehicle in a safe and confident manner”, said Steve Morrish, CEO of SMCS Risk.

Nearly 1800 deaths were recorded on Cambodia’s roads in 2017 and the majority of them were attributed to drivers driving in a fast & unsafe manner, and not understanding or obeying road rules and conditions.

“Nearly every week I read an article in the newspaper that says another driver has been killed due to a head on collision or has ran off the road due to excessive speed. This tells me that drivers have a limited understanding of driving principles and don’t know how to drive safely.” Morrish said.

The number of drivers attending each SMCS Risk driver training course is limited due to the nature of the intensive training. To find out details of training schedules and information about our training syllabus, please contact SMCS Risk.

Mr. Mitch May
SMCS Business Development Officer