SMCS Risk Launches Drug & Alcohol Testing

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SMCS Risk this week launched drug & alcohol testing services for government agencies and companies in Cambodia.

The new program has been launched after consultation with Cambodia Police who have voiced concerns at the rising number of road fatalities involving trucks and cars, and concern with workplace injury incidents. Private companies who are leaders in promoting safe work environments have also expressed concern at the rising number of people using drugs in Cambodia and how this may affect the safety of their own workplace, if they have employees who are using drugs.

The amount of drugs flowing into Cambodia. particularly methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin and marijuana has risen over the past 2 years. Although authorities believe that Cambodia is being used as a transit country for drug trafficking, drugs are still being sold to people in Cambodia for their own use and it would be naive to believe that some employees aren’t attending work whilst still affected by drugs and alcohol.

“There is a lack of legislation in Cambodia that governs alcohol and drug use in the workplace and there is no Cambodia standard for occupational health & safety.” said Steve Morrish, CEO of SMCS RISK.

“However, there is a growing desire to improve workplace health & safety in Cambodia and thats why I believe its important that Government agencies and private companies who are serious about safety, incorporate drug & alcohol testing as part of a robust workplace drug and alcohol management program.” Morrish said.

SMCS RISK will offer the following services as part of their new drug & alcohol program;

  • workplace drug testing
  • workplace alcohol testing
  • drug and alcohol management
  • drug and alcohol education

“Every person has the right to go to work, be provided a safe work environment by their employer and go home at the end of the day injury free. Cambodia’s safety culture has to be driven by private industry.” Steve Morrish said.

SMCS RISK technicians are medically trained and will provide safety conscious clients with alcohol breath testing and saliva & urine drug testing services throughout Cambodia.

Please contact SMCS RISK for more information about our drug & alcohol testing program.