SMCS RISK Partners With Paramount Safety

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SMCS RISK signed a partnership agreement with Paramount Safety last week.

Adding to the growing list of reputable companies that have partnered SMCS RISK, Paramount Safety, last week signed an agreement which confirmed SMCS RISK as their exclusive distribution partner in Cambodia.

Paramount Safety is an Australian owned private company and known as a leading safety and PPE products company. Paramount Safety also owns ProChoice, Pratt Safety, LINQ Height Safety and Thortz.

“This is another fantastic partnership that SMCS RISK has secured. Paramount Safety are a leading safety products company in Australia and we are very happy for the opportunity to represent their brands in Cambodia.” said Steve Morrish, SMCS GROUP’s Chief Executive Officer.

Adding to Paramount Safety and its subsidiary companies, SMCS RISK now represents some very well known and respected safety companies in Cambodia, including Honeywell Safety and Panindochina.

“SMCS RISK is already the leading risk management, safety and training company in Cambodia and with our new partners Paramount Safety, we now have the largest range of safety and personal protection products available in Cambodia. We are so excited that we are helping drive workplace safety in Cambodia.” said Morrish.

For more information about the new partnership with Paramount Safety or to receive information about all the safety and PPE products that SMCS RISK has available, please contact us via email.