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In 2014, in response to a growing demand from its clients to provide risk management solutions in the cyber security space, SMCS Risk created a cyber security division within its risk management business and signed a partnership with Israeli Tech company Goldlock.

Todays signing with Pegasus means that SMCS Risk now partners with two of Israel’s world leading cyber security company’s, and can continue provide world leading cyber security equipment and services to all of its clients.

“Cyber security was one of the biggest issues facing companies worldwide in 2015 with many seeing a massive increase in cyber security breaches resulting in data, information and identity theft.” said Steve Morrish SMCS Risk’s Chief Executive Officer.

“Pegasus provides cyber security technology that will allow us to offer solutions to both our commercial and government clients and I look forward to a very prosperous partnership with them.” Morrish said.

For more information about our cyber security products and services please view our website or contact SMCS Risk