3 New WorkPlace Safety Courses Launched

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SMCS RISK has launched 3 more Workplace safety training courses for Cambodia.

As additions to the new workplace safety training courses launched in April this year, SMCS RISK has added 3 new training courses in Cambodia for people looking to build on their workplace safety skills and knowledge.

Basic Workplace Health & Safety – a course that improves a workers knowledge and understanding of the concepts of workplace safety and why safety is so important.

Incident Commander & Controller – a course for employees who are in incident and control roles at their workplace and wish to gain knowledge on how to prepare for and respond to workplace incidents.

Drug & Alcohol Awareness – a course designed to develop an employees understanding of alcohol & drugs and how they can affect their ability to work safely.

“There is no other company in Cambodia offering these training courses. The feedback I am receiving from many of our clients is that improving workplace safety is a major focus for them going forward which is very exciting for our team.” said Mitch May, CEO of SMCS RISK.

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