Cambodia Work Permits – Employers Risk Of Prosecution

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As the Cambodian Government continues to strengthen rules and regulations governing company operation in Cambodia, one key focus has been foreign employee compliance.

The Cambodian Government has been very open in informing employers and foreign employees about their individual obligations regarding how to obtain and maintain work permits, going as far as to waive fines and prosecution for anyone who has previously not complied.

But the warnings and waive of fines & prosecution is coming to an end, with the Government last week holding another press conference re-iterating that the Government is going to increase its clamp-down on foreigners who are working in Cambodia without a valid work permit, giving foreign employees until Khmer New Year to obtain a work permit or face fines, imprisonment of 3 to 6 months and even deportation.

But work permits are not just an employee obligation; employers who do not comply by either ensuring employees have work permits prior to commencing their employment or submit a work permit application at the commencement of the employees contract may also face fines and prosecution for non-compliance.

SMCS Risk strongly advises that companies do not allow foreigners to work at their company without a valid work permit or the company and its management also face the risk of fines and prosecution.

For information on work permits or employer compliance please contact SMCS Risk.