Chemical Splash Suit Training

SMCS RISK provides Chemical Splash Suit Familiarisation training to Khmer Brewery.

Following on from the recent Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Training provided to 10 employees working at Khmer Brewery, SMCS RISK has provided Chemical Splash Suit Familiarisation training to the same 10 employees.

As Khmer Brewery works towards establishing an emergency response team that can respond to any hazards within its facility, providing their dedicated emergency response team with SCBA and Chemical Splash Suit training will ensure they have specialist knowledge that will not only allow them to respond confidently to emergency incidents but more importantly, keep them safe whilst doing so.

“There are various products used at a brewery facility that require specialist Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and clothing (PPC) to be able to respond to any incident safely. I believe Khmer Brewery are the first company in Cambodia to provide their specialist teams with Chemical Splash Suits of this quality and level of protection. This will ensure that their emergency response team remains safe and capable of mitigating & combating a hazardous incident if one occurred.” said Dave Miller, SMCS RISK’s Fire, Emergency & Safety Expert.

The Chemical Splash Suits, provided by SMCS RISK’s partner Ansell, offer effective protection against chemicals in liquid, aerosol and solid form and are used in situations where a fully gas-tight suit is not required, are also worn in the decontamination process of emergency response teams ensuring all chemicals have been removed from the first responder on completion of their task.

In the coming weeks, SMCS RISK will provide HAZMAT Training to the Khmer Brewery employees, teaching them how to effectively and safely respond to any hazardous incidents that may occur at the brewery facility whilst safely using their Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA and Chemical Splash Suits.

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