SCBA Training For Khmer Brewery

SMCS has provided Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Training (SCBA) to Khmer Brewery.

In October 2019, SMCS RISK reported that Khmer Brewery was working with SMCS RISK to strengthen their capacity to respond to critical incidents involving fire and hazardous chemicals.

Phase 1 of the training was conducted last week with SMCS RISK Trainers providing SCBA training to 10 Khmer Brewery employees who are responsible for responding to critical incidents at the brewery.

Led by SMCS RISK’s Fire, Safety & Emergency Service Specialist David Miller, the SMSC team provided training on all aspects of SCBA operation & use, including understanding the respiratory system, operating a breathing apparatus, search procedures and rescue priorities.

“With the toxicity of fumes becoming more and more dangerous, the fire fighting industry globally has realised that there is a much greater danger to the health of fire fighters and hazardous incident response teams if they aren’t wearing SCBA’s. It’s great to see that Khmer Brewery is understanding these dangers and is looking to protect their employees by providing them with specialised training.” said Dave Miller.

SMCS RISK will now provide Contamination & Chemical Splash Suit Familiarisation training to the 10 Brewery employees.

For more information about SMCS RISK’s training programs please visit our website.