CIOMAL Foundation Receives SMCS First Aid Training

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Last week, SMCS RISK provided First Aid +CPR Training to 21 Doctors and Nurses working at the CIOMAL Foundation in Cambodia.

The CIOMAL Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that provides medical services and training to people & families affected by leprosy and dermatitis related conditions.

The 21 Doctors and Nurses participated in SMCS RISK’s Basic First Aid with CPR & AED course which is open to everyone, but designed especially for first responders who want to increase the survival rate of heart attack casualties using defibrillators.

“Everyone should be trained in first aid and undergo regular re-training, particularly qualified medical personnel who might act asa  first responder.” said Jason Harrison, SMCS RISK’s First Aid For Life Director.

All of SMCS RISK’s First Aid Trainers are registered and trained under the American Heart Association as an Advanced Cardiac Life Support providers and Basic Cardiac Life Support providers.

For more information about SMCS RISK’s FirstAid4Life Training and Services please view our website or contact us.