Gold Lock Premise Is Launched In Cambodia

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In response to a growing number of clients who have had issues with leaks of confidential information either through hackers intercepting mobile phones or staff members sending out company information to criminals via their mobile telephone, SMCS Risk’s Cyber partner Gold Lock has designed “Gold Lock Premise”.

Daily media stories about corporate espionage and employees leaking confidential information to criminal networks show that there are a number of major issues that make the use of mobile communication devices in government and corporate buildings potentially threatening to information security; especially confidential information leaks and breaches.

Gold Lock’s Premise will allow governments and corporates to create a GSM perimeter, monitoring and controlling all mobile phones that enter, leave or remain inside the local permitter; allow them to live monitor all incoming and outgoing calls and texts message and control what areas mobile can and cant be used inside the building.

For more information about our new Gold Lock Premise system please contact;

Steve Morrish
Chief Executive Officer
+855 17 609 300