JTI – Motor Bike Safety Awareness Training

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SMCS RISK provides Motor Bike Safety Awareness Training to staff at Japanese Tobacco International (JTI).

As the Cambodia Government raises concerns about the increasing number of road collisions on the country’s roads, so too has their push for all road users to better educate on how to be a responsible and safe road user.

“SMCS RISK’s reputation for delivering high standard training programs in Cambodia is exemplified by the number of large companies engaging in our training.” said Mitch May, CEO of SMCS RISK.

SMCS RISK, under its RoadSafe4Life Division has been providing Driver Training and Road Safety Awareness courses in Cambodia since 2014.

The motor bike safety awareness and skill enhancement training courses are designed to teach participants the core safety elements associated with riding a scooter, moto or motorcycle on the road.

“There is no doubt SMCS RISK is the leader in Cambodia for safety, workplace safety,
fire safety, driver safety and specialist machinery training programs.” said May.

For more information about our motorbike safety awareness courses or any of SMCs RISK’s training programs, please contact us.