New Risk Training Courses Launched

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SMCS Risk today launched four new training courses in Cambodia. The four training courses, Rigging, Dogging, Working At Heights and Working In Confined Spaces, will fall under the RiskSafe4Life division, and add to the recently launched Specialist Machinery Training Courses. 

The Cambodian Government has been expressing concern for sometime about safety in the construction sector and wants companies to provide training to workers. Driven by an increase in construction site accidents, the government has formed a committee to oversee workplace health and safety.

Currently there is no requirement for operators or workers to undertake training and possess accreditation if they work as a Dogman, Rigger or work in confined spaces or at heights in Cambodia. This is very concerning considering that all of these work roles are considered dangerous occupations in developed countries and employees must undertake rigorous training and be certified before working in these positions.

SMCS Risk trainers are all internationally accredited and have years of experience. SMCS Risk will be the first Cambodia based company to offer these types of training courses in Cambodia – which will be based on Australian Best Practice & Standards.

“We will be meeting with Government Ministries to present our new training courses and our vision to provide training to all companies in Cambodia. I hope that the Government will work with us on this important work and enforce law that requires all employees who operate specialist machinery or work in the construction industry, to undertake training and posses a formal accreditation.” said Steve Morrish, CEO of SMCS Risk.

Reputable companies like Chip Mong Insee and Khmer Brewery have already engaged SMCS Risk to provide training to their employees and we expect that more companies will do the same in the near future.

For more more information about any of SMCS Risk’s training courses please contact Mitch May, SMCs Risk Business Development Officer.