PPSS Group Launch New Stab Resistant Anti-Riot Suit

The ‘Stab Resistant Anti Riot Suit’ is designed to protect professionals dealing with major incidents, public disorder, cell extractions, mass searches or serious disturbances in a multitude of hostile environments. PPSS Group has liaised with Correctional Emergency Response Teams (CERT) and other serving Correctional and Prison Officers to develop the truly outstanding Stab Resistant Anti Riot Suit.

The unique advantage of this extremely durable body armour is its reliable and high level of protection from blunt force trauma injuries, often the result following a kick, punch or blow from any type of blunt object.


  • Lightweight Anti Riot Suit
  • Body moulded groin, shoulder, neck and limb protectors
  • Limb protectors provide extensive and complete wraparound support
  • Modular system allowing levels of protection to differ relevant to the threat
  • lndefinite lifespan (compared to Kevlar’s 3-5 year lifespan)
  • Full suit around 8.5kg (large)
  • Extremely comfortable to wear with outstanding maneuverability
  • Includes Molle webbing over the greatest possible area (front and back)


  • Blunt impact weapons – including hammers, baseball bats, pieces of iron
  • Large bladed items – including machetes
  • Makeshift edged weapons, shanks and razor blades
  • Heavy assault, including kicks and punches
  • Blunt trauma injury associated with all the above


  • CERT (Correctional Emergency Response Teams)
  • NTRG (National Tactical Response Groups)
  • Tactical Support Units
  • Prison Riot Teams

Prisoners or inmates, or those participating in any major riots or violent outburst by a crowd anywhere in a public space have one thing that allows them to be rather ‘creative’ when it comes to the selection of their weapons of choice: TIME!

They have plenty of time thinking about, and planning attacks on either each other (meaning rival gang members, or groups of individuals with opposed beliefs and opinions) or indeed prison or police officers.

PPSS-Anti-Stab-Resistant-Riot-SuitThe type of PPE and level of protection that PPSS Group offers to those professionals who have to deal with prison riots, major incidents, public disorder, mass searches or other serious disturbances in a multitude of hostile environments, is based on the most likely types of assaults and weapons they face.

The types of weapons being used in these conflicts (in prisons and correctional facilities in particular) include knives or improvised man-made edged weapon, snooker queues, shanks made out of broken mirrors, glass or ceramic tiles, razor blades, sharpened bed or table frame legs (which will act as ‘syringes’ and drain your blood within a very short period of time), timber, socks filled with snooker balls, broken bottles, hypodermic needles and spikes (usually made utilising large nails or screwdrivers), fire extinguishers and rocks or bricks etc.

Some of you may well remember one of the worst prison riots in England for 25 years. More than 500 inmates took control of four wings at Birmingham Prison in December 2016. It all started when a prisoner jumped on to the safety netting, a guard came to negotiate but was threatened with a syringe filled with blood, then another inmate snatched his keys to the cells. Many of the above weapons were used during this widely reported incident.

One of the most challenging things these police and prison officers are called upon to do is control these large crowds of hostile or agitated individuals, often experiencing difficulties effectively managing sizes of crowds that far outnumber them. Their job responsibilities can vary dramatically (subject to location and type of disturbance) but can include the dispersion of a riot with tear gas, rubber bullets or water cannons, the identification of instigators of violence, and maintain security around specific locations, environments, facilities or installations.

Our Stab Resistant Anti-Riot Suits are made out of a high performance polycarbonate.  They offer a truly outstanding level of protection from blunt force trauma, as well as CAST and NIJ certified levels of protection from knives and hypodermic needles (a very realistic threat in today’s society).

Weighing just over 8.5kg (Size L) this is an ultra-lightweight piece of PPE and in comparison to most other anti-riot suits it will shield you from the vast majority of edged weapon you will ever come across and not restrict your movements or ability to move swiftly.

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