PPSS Group Launch New Stab Resistant Anti-Riot Suit

The ‘Stab Resistant Anti Riot Suit’ is designed to protect professionals dealing with major incidents, public disorder, cell extractions, mass searches or serious disturbances in a multitude of hostile environments. PPSS Group has liaised with Correctional Emergency Response Teams (CERT) … Continued

Bullet Resistant Vests For Professionals

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Since becoming the partner in Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam for high performance body armour and protective clothing company PPSS Group, I have constantly been asked by numerous professionals to explain the difference between good & poor quality bullet resistant … Continued

SMCS Signs Partnership With PPSS Group

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SMCS Risk has operated since 2006 with the ethos of protecting the interests of individuals and companies operating in Asia, with a key focus on equipping and training individuals working in law enforcement, military and other government related agencies. SMCS … Continued