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Increasing the reach in Cambodia of its Drive Safe 4 Life Division, SMCS Risk today launched their new Specialist Machinery Operator Training Courses, culminating the already launched Forklift Driving Course, and the new Crane Operator Course, Mobile EWP Operator Course and a new Walkie Stacker Operator Course.

The Cambodian Government has expressed concern over the lack of safety at construction sites in Cambodia, many of which have had industrial accidents occur, causing serious injury and death to many workers. In most cases, these accidents have occurred because company owners have failed to implement any safety standards, and workers who operate specialist machinery have never been educated or trained in how to operate machinery in a safe manner.

SMCS Risk, who is the leading Risk Management, Business & Training Solutions company in Cambodia, will be the first Cambodia based company to provide these Specialist Machinery Operator Training Courses to Australian Standards and facilitated by International accredited trainers.

“I think its fair to say that most operators of cranes, forklifts and other specialist machinery in Cambodia have not received accredited training or any training for that matter. I hope to liaise with the Government to get them to legislate that all operators of specialist machinery must have a license. If they do this and we train operators, then we will greatly improve safety at businesses and construction sites.” said Steve Morrish, CEO of SMCS Risk.

Leading companies Chip Mong Insee and Khmer Brewery, who both set high standards in safety, have already engaged with SMCS Risk to train their forklift drivers and vehicle fleet drivers.

For more information about the training courses that SMCS Risk offers, please view our website or contact Mr. Mitch May, SMCS Risk’s Business Development Officer.