SMCS RISK To Offer ‘Athena’ To Clients

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SMCS RISK will now offer Athena to its clients.

Athena is a new service created by Kinetic Six, a company SMCS RISK partners with to provide dynamic, innovative secure communications, OSINT and HUMINT platforms and security technology solutions.

Athena will provide SMCS RISK clients with strategic Open Source Web Intelligence and Virtual HUMINT. In short, Athena carries out entire open source web intelligence, collecting information that normal open source Internet searches will never be able to identify.

“Im very excited about being able to provide Athena to our clients. So many people use social media with many of them masking their identity to post information that can often be racist, homophobic and violent in its theme. Companies are becoming more risk adverse and are careful to make sure that online activity carried out by employees or people they are looking to employee, is not damaging to a companies brand or reputation.” said Steve Morrish, CEO of SMCS GROUP.

SMCS RISK already provides a Due Diligence and Employee Screening service and will provide the Athena service as an advanced service to clients who require more extensive Internet searches conducted.

For more information about Athena please contact SMCS RISK.