SMCS RISK Launches Fire Safety Solutions

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Continuing on its journey to becoming the leading business solutions company in South East Asia, SMCS Risk this week launched Fire Safety Solutions in Cambodia.

Feedback from our clients has indicated that many companies who are delivering fire safety solutions in Cambodia do not have training staff who are qualified or experienced in fire safety, and the standard of training and customer service is well below worlds best practices.

SMCS Risk’s Fire Safety Solutions staff are internationally qualified with over 50 years of combined experience in fire fighting, fire safety and emergency & crisis management, culminated with an extensive understanding of the local culture and working environment.

“We conduct a lot of internal training with our team and ensure that we focus on high standard customer service with an ethos of ‘don’t promise anything that we cant deliver’.” said Steve Morrish, SMCS Risk’s CEO.

SMCS Fire Safety Solutions will offer Fire Safety Audits and various Fire Safety Training Courses.

Cambodia is rapidly growing with its economy showing no signs of slowing. Investment is driving increased standards and SMCS Risk will continue to improve its service and products whilst always having a client needs based focused approach.

For more information about SMCS Risk’s Fire Safety Solutions or to discuss your fire safety needs with one of our experts, please contact or phone our office on 011 692 899.