Traveling Overseas? Don’t Leave Common Sense Behind

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We often receive requests for information about what people should and shouldn’t do to reduce their risk when travelling to countries in the Mekong sub-region.

common senseThere are numerous things one can do to reduce risk, but there is one basic thing that everyone should do – Don’t leave your common sense behind.

Increasing cases of robbery, theft, road accidents and people getting into trouble with the law have shown that a lack of common sense has been a contributing factor to these incidents, which have in many cases resulted in serious injury or even death.


Here are 10 common sense things you should or shouldn’t do when travelling to the Mekong sub-region countries.

1. Read about the country you are traveling to and understand current risk trends, cultural norms and traveling hints that will keep you our of harms way.
2. Inform family or friends of a basic traveling itinerary, especially if you are traveling alone.
DSC071223. You need to have medical insurance. If full cover is a strain on your budget, at least have a good medi-vac cover.
4. If you don’t have extensive motor bike riding experience, then don’t ride a motorbike whilst traveling.
5. If you are going to ride a motorbike or be a passenger on one, then wear a helmet.
6. Don’t carry large amounts of cash with you in public – its not required.
7. Don’t wear expensive jewellery – you are a beacon for opportunistic robbery.
8. Be vigilant when using phones, cameras and other communication devices in public – these are common items that thieves target.
Couple at Angkor Wat temple complex, Cambodia.9. Don’t drink homemade potions and alcohol – the toxicity of these drinks can lead to poisoning.
10. And the most important thing you must do is don’t leave your common sense behind. Don’t do things that you would not do in your own country and think about the risk before you act.