Issues Of Black Market Supply – Consumer Safety Risks Posed By Illegal Medicines in Cambodia

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Black market supply of pharmaceutical drugs poses numerous threats to public safety in Cambodia. The threat is dependent on the type of illegal medicine. Counterfeit medicine is highly dangerous for patients. The key risk arises from substitution of active ingredients … Continued

The Rise of Fake Medical Devices

The counterfeiting market has spread into the pharmaceutical and medical industry, we now have an epidemic on our hands. Imagine your teenage son or daughter’s braces were toxic. Imagine an elderly relative’s replacement aortic valve was defective. These are very … Continued

Brand-Damaging Bargains: The World of Counterfeits

Counterfeiting is rife throughout the world and across an unbelievable range of industries. The potential damage inferior products can do to a company’s brand and its consumers could be catastrophic. Cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, food and beverage, and industrial, … Continued

Black Market Supply Builds Antibiotic Resistance

A recent headline in the Guardian declared that antibiotic resistance rivals cancer as a public health issue. It’s been known for decades amongst medical and public health experts: the tools that we have to fight killer bacteria are becoming less … Continued